Monday, August 13, 2007

Puppeteer Cuts the Strings

So, Karl Rove, “the architect” of the Bush presidency, has decided to step down for “family reasons.” Huh? Rove mated and spawned? I thought he lived in a little room somewhere in the bowels of the White House, spending his nights wringing his hands and whispering about his “precioussssss.”

I knew something was up before I even opened my browser this morning. Bells were pealing across the blue states (Austin is considered a “blue state in exile”), tolling with joy. Not so fast, people.

What happens when a dark lord steps out of the light? We can’t see what he’s doing anymore. And that scares the shit out of me.

Now, you could argue that Rove has done enough damage to this country to last for several presidencies. Bush wasn’t his first trip to the rodeo (although he is the biggest piece of bullshit). He has been masterminding smaller successes for years. Senator John Cornyn, the guy from Texas with the giant head and thin skin? The one who can generally be found attached to W’s ass, like a barnacle? That’s a Rove Product.

And now that he has achieved such exalted status, he will no doubt be called upon to work on even grander races. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he surfaces in the 2008 elections. He couldn’t resist predicting that Hillary Clinton will be the 2008 Dem nominee. He also couldn’t resist calling her a "tough, tenacious, fatally flawed candidate." Well, Mr. Rove, you would know from fatally flawed.

My fervent hope is that the Congress will continue to heap loads of attention on Mr. Rove. Keep him busy with subpoenas and testifying. I’m a firm believer (and have it on good authority) that Karl was involved in nearly every decision to come out of the Oval Office. Or perhaps I should say the Vice President’s office. Not sure much happens in the oblong. Regardless, this shift is momentous. I think it signals a bit of an abandon ship mentality. This boat is sinking, so Karl is off to build a new boat.

Watch where he lands. If it’s in the camp of a Republican presidential candidate (and it won’t be McCain. Talk about a lost cause, even Rove’s necromancy couldn’t revive that stiff.), get ready to rumble. We don’t need another four years of Rove’s way.


Anonymous said...

I've just listened to talking heads trying to figure out what Karl is up to. They need to read your blog!

hokgardner said...

It's still awfully hot out here given that Hell froze over this morning. I thought they'd have to carry Rove out kicking and screaming in January of 2009.

Anonymous said...

ahh you know he's not goin anywhere, whatre they gonna do with the empty shell that is george bush jr after they pry Roves fist out of his ass. I think he's just moving under the desk.You know, a little less obvious fisting that way. The wife and kid? Avatars from the simpsonize me website.....