Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teeth of the Zipper Will Bite

Why can’t they keep their dicks in their pants?

Another politician tainted by a sex scandal. This time a Democrat. Seems Gov. Spitzer of New York learned a little more than he should have about one particular type of crime he had vowed to eradicate. Of course, since prostitution is widely recognized as the oldest profession in the world, they’ve obviously got a few tricks up their, er, sleeves. Not sure how, exactly, Spitzer thought he could get the job done. Apparently, this is what he thought “undercover” meant.

Now you all know how much I love hoisting these pious politicos on their own petards. I definitely love it more when it’s some gay-bashing Republican who gets caught on a cock hunt, but I shake my head in disbelief every time someone’s moral crusade is derailed by the compromise of their own moral standard.

Makes you wonder what “immorality” truly is. And if, just maybe, we ought to rethink the notion. Now I’m obviously more liberal than a lot of folks, but I just don’t have an issue with these acts themselves. Want a hand job in an airport bathroom? Be discreet. Don’t scare the children. And remember, that flight attendant has a plane to catch.

Want to stop off at the local cathouse. Cool. Just don’t go ranting about what a pox the practice is. Want a blow job in the Oval Office? What President wouldn’t? Want to write creepy IMs to underage boys . . . ew. I think we found the mark.

But how about this: Oil hits $109 a barrel, causing gas prices to soar right on past $4.00 a gallon? THAT I have moral issues with. That I find more obscene than anything involving (adult) genitalia. Mostly because it’s a completely manufactured situation, designed solely to benefit the cronies of the current administration. ‘Cause last time I checked, ExxonMobil really needed that extra sixty cents a gallon.

And by the way, didn’t it take us FOREVER to cross that $100 threshold, but only a couple of weeks to jump $9 more a barrel?!?!??! Where's the outrage people?

Of course, if we had more women politicians, we might see less of this nonsense.

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