Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Great Day To Vote

So, it's decision time in Texas. You would think there's no one on the ballot besides Hillary and Barack, but there are lots of down-ballot races that will have major impact on our lives. So, do your homework. And vote.

Yesterday, I got the shock of my life. My mother, the lifelong Republican who voted for Bush twice (!!!!!!!!!!!) informed me she is "crossing over" and voting for Obama today.

"Why, because you hate HIllary so much?" I quipped.

"Well, I DO hate her, but no, that's not the reason." She went on to say that she actually thought Obama was the right choice for our country and that "McCain's time has passed."

Rock on Mom.

Unfortunately, I'm going to cancel out her vote. AND I'm going to caucus. I can't remember the last time an election in Texas actually had some consequences. Usually, we just put a check mark next to the name of the biggest turd and hope for the best.

SO . . . . Be smart. Go vote. And if you live outside of the great state of Texas, keep us in your prayers. Lord knows we need it.

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