Monday, March 3, 2008

Just Shoot Me

Anybody see the story this weekend about the guy in Washington State who had a buddy shoot him in the shoulder so he wouldn’t have to go to work?

Seriously, dude, how bad does that job suck? And you couldn’t come up with ANYTHING short of getting yourself shot? I’m guessing you’ve exhausted the pool of exotic illnesses and fabricated dead relatives beyond the point of credibility. What are you, a woodchuck? (is that an insult to woodchucks?) You just completely ran out of non-potentially-lethal options, eh?

Should have finished 8th grade.

Perhaps you should find a new job? Not that you aren’t going to have to find one anyway, after all this publicity. And I’m guessing said publicity will insure that your new job is even shittier than the one from which you will soon be fired. I mean, how stupid would your boss have to be to not have figured out that YOU SUCK AS AN EMPLOYEE since you have most likely used every excuse known to working man to avoid showing up.

The story didn’t say what kind of work the man did, but DAYUM! What job is so bad that you’d rather get shot than go to work?

And how did you convince your friend to shoot you? JFC! He’s got to be even dumber than you. Too bad he didn’t shoot you in the balls, then turn the gun on himself. I shudder at the thought of either of you reproducing.

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Anonymous said...

Um... I heard he worked for an advertising agency. Chew your arm off or get shot in the shoulder, 6 of 1 half dozen of the other.