Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Morning Juice

I need a little help here. It seems like the congressional “inquiry” into steroid use in sports has been going on for years, doesn’t it? And I can’t seem to wrap my pea brain around why I should feel good about my taxes being used this way. Doesn’t Congress have a rather long list of things we would all agree are higher priorities?

I get the whole “sports-as-economic-driver” thing. But these are professional organizations. With individual governing bodies. They are corporations and the “sport” is actually just a business, plain and simple.

I get the idea that we should care if our Olympic athletes are tainted. That’s a different ideal. They represent their country, in a not-for-profit situation. Except for the sponsorships and advertising revenue, of course.

But I keep thinking of all those folks in New Orleans, with no one there to help but Brad Pitt.

I keep thinking of all those soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, ready to see their families and get the sand out of their orifi.

I keep thinking of all the little stupid fuckers . . . er, I mean “the children” we’re not teaching to read properly or think properly.

I think of all the money that could be spent on driver’s ed, my personal choice for Threat Level: Orange.

I think of the old people, the homeless, the housing market, diseases and that other thing . . . oh, yeah—THE ECONOMY!!!

Are all of those issues so thoroughly addressed that we have time to dwell on steroid usage? Or do our Members of Congress just want to have another celebrity photo on the wall?

So leave the steroid hunt to the people most impacted—the leagues themselves. It seems like they are constantly suspending people for one infraction or another. Let them keep their own house clean, or have it fall down around them.

Now, let’s talk about that border fence.


hokgardner said...

Amen, sistah!

Anonymous said...

There is such a huge list of overwhelmingly stupid things done with our money in the name of gov. I feel like a hooker with a bad pimp.