Thursday, February 7, 2008

Low Tide

So, the beloved and I took a few days of R&R and headed down to Miami. Now, like the wannabe trend queen that I am, I hadn’t been to South Beach in a looooooong while. The last time I went, the bloodstains were still on the steps of the Versace mansion.

I’m guessing that must have been a sign.

Because all of the life has gone out of South Beach. Where were all the pretty people? Where was all the fabulousness? Whatever happened to customer service?

Hay, mira girl. She’s not there.

In place of the beautiful people are sunbirds and hucksters, figuring, no doubt, that if you were stupid enough to come here on vacation, you were probably an easy mark.

But all we were looking for was a beach and a pool. And a bottle of tequila as big as my head. Somehow, we managed to find all three.

That and a little bit of blog fodder.

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