Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Challenge/Contest

I admit. I'm a romantic. But I'm also a cynic (ya think !?!?!)

So Valentine's Day is a bit of mix for me. I usually spend a few moments at the beginning and the end mooning over My Beloved. And the rest of the day wondering what the suicide rate is among Hallmark greeting card writers.

Are you with me? I can't imagine that all that saccharine comes from truly happy people. Don't get me wrong--I could write that dreck. As long as I had a hurl bucket next to my desk.

"The light of the sun is eclipsed by the light of your love"

buuuuuuu-ick. buuuuuuu-ick.

See. It's easy.

Now YOU do it! I want to have a contest. I want all my readers (BOTH of you) to submit their best, over-the-top Valentine in the comments section. COME ON! It'll be fun!

Once we've determined a winner, I'll figure out a suitable prize.

L'amour, l'amour. Toujours l'amour.



Anonymous said...

Ah the Valentine
The sugared drivel, "Be Mine"
I never loved you.

Haha bitter Haiku
Guess who.....

Anonymous said...

No poetry, but I will add that a friend of mine and his (now ex-) wife used to save the grossest, most disgusting chores for Feb. 14. . . .I now wonder if he meant they did them together to thumb their collective noses at V Day, or if they did a vile job for the other to show their love, or, most likely, if they tried to top the other in the most offensive thing to ask the other to do to prove who was the coolest in their anti-Valentine's Day war . . .
~Annie K.

drax said...

Valentines Day came and went,
it's getting to be just like Lent,
I gave up hope of getting flowers ...