Monday, February 11, 2008

Gonna Blog Myself Skinny

So, one of the first things I see on my morning internet walkabout is a story about a woman whose blog helped her lose weight.

A lot of weight.

It seems that Lynn Bering, a 296 pound newspaper editor had given up her career to open an antiques store because she felt she could hide behind the store. I’m pretty sure that was a metaphor. Otherwise it gives a whole new meaning to “big as a house.” (Hmmm, I never thought about an antiques store as a giant hiding place, but that WOULD explain all those 20th century closet-cases going into the field.)

Then she started blogging and lost 170 pounds.

Now, having lost my girlish figure some years ago (and my innocence long before that), it struck me. Maybe if I blogged more regularly, I could fit into those cute “wishful thinking” pants I bought last year. You know, so I’d have something to wear when I got all buff and ripped. (Somehow, I’ve managed to master the “ripped” part, but I don’t really think tequila is the best stomach-flattener.)

I immediately opened a blank page and began typing furiously, pausing every few seconds to run to the scale and check my progress. I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t work. Nothing. Not an ounce. Okay, maybe an ounce, but my scales only measure in half-pounds, and I hate math, so I have no idea if I lost any weight or not.

Amazingly, the chocolate glazed donut only fell out of my mouth once while I was typing.

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