Monday, March 5, 2007

She's a MAN, baby!

So, let’s talk about Ann Coulter, shall we? And let’s use the ugliest words we can think of.

Nazi Bitch.

Bony Ass.



And perhaps most accurately, Media Whore.

You see, Ms. Coulter has this annoying habit of saying whatever it takes to get her name in the paper and her face on TV. Anything. Like calling John Edwards a “faggot,” then saying that she doesn’t hate gay people and wouldn’t insult them by comparing them to John Edwards.

She’s incendiary. She REALLY likes to stir the pot. Because she really likes the spotlight. And she understands that a liberal, leggy blonde is nothing unique. The master race incarnate is another story altogether.

Unlike most of the featured people on my blog. Ms. Coulter isn’t stupid. But her audiences are. They live in fear of anyone who doesn’t look, smell or think like they do. And they eat up her shtick.

I find it deeply ironic that people are defending her right to free speech. I guarantee you these are the same people who burned their Dixie Chicks albums. I guess they use the Constitution like they use the Bible. Selectively. And when it suits them.

I think the part I find most amusing is that Ann Coulter looks like a man in drag. Not a drag queen. Calling Ann Coulter a drag queen would be an insult to drag queens. No Ann looks like so many of those crossdressing guys who advertise on craigslist ISO a thrill. But putting on a cheap blonde wig and a leather mini-skirt doesn’t make you look like a woman. In fact, it just REALLY emphasizes the MAN in woMAN.

In fact, maybe that’s what we should call her. Man Coulter. Kind of sounds like a porn name. On second thought, how about we all just ignore her. Maybe she’ll go away.

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Anonymous said...

A-MEN brother Paul. I'm tired tired tired of her boney ass and her inane tirades. xo Julesy