Friday, December 29, 2006

Das ist Dumm!

Let me begin by digressing (is that possible?): CNN has turned into News of the Weird. It seems like everyday they are reporting on stupid acts by stupid people. Does that mean that stupid is the new normal? Or are the good folks at CNN secret operatives of the smart side? We’ll keep you informed as the story develops.

Yesterday, reported that a nice young German, 21-year-old Tobi Gutt, set off to visit his girlfriend in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to spell “Sydney.” So much for the theory that Europeans are more worldly. Apparently he booked his ticket online to “Sidney.” As in “Montana.”

And the stupid just starts to stack up.

"I didn't notice the mistake as my son is usually good with computers," his mother, Sabine, told Reuters. COMPUTERS?!?!?! Lady, it was a SPELLING error. And anyone who read Mark Foley’s IM exchanges knows youth+computer=bad spelling and grammar. (See: LOL! BRB! U r 2!)

CNN is passing it off as a typo, but we all know better. Apparently, the Germans aren’t any better at teaching geography than we are in the U.S. Might have something to do with their maps still showing all their neighbors as “occupied.”

So, young Tobi finally figures it out as he is boarding a small COMMUTER flight from Billings to “Sidney,” probably thinking, “Gotteramerdung! How is my surfboard going to fit on this thing.”

"I did wonder but I didn't want to say anything," Gutt told the Bild newspaper. "I thought to myself, you can fly to Australia via the United States." Apparently with your head up your ass the whole way.

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