Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Iran Boards the Short Bus

The AP is reporting that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is rejecting the U.S.-I mean U.N.—sanctions against his country. Ahmadinejad said he is convinced the U.S. is behind the resolution (and the “Duh!” award goes to . . .) and warned "The Iranian nation has humiliated you many times, and it will humiliate you in future." The official translation provided to the White House was “You’re not the boss of me!”

He began this new round of humiliation by holding up a photo of future President Hillary Clinton. “Behold her mannish pant suit! Ha! Ha! Take that, foolish infidels!” He then awkwardly held up his palm and said, "High Five!"

He went on to say that if the confrontations continued "Iranians would deliver a historic slap in (the Americans’) face." Dude. Read my blog. The whole slapping thing will just land your ass in jail. And if you slap Hillary, she’ll kick your ass. Ask Bill.

The report continued, “While Ahmadinejad has repeatedly attacked the Security Council resolution, he has avoided any public comment on the results of Dec. 15 municipal elections, in which his political allies were heavily defeated.”

Well, what do you know? Bush and Ahmadinejad DO have something in common.

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Anonymous said...

Ok I have to say this, and let me first say I oppose the death penalty. But since Hussein was tried for war crimes found guilty and excecuted rather publicly. Shouldnt we do the same for Bush? After all I hold him personally responsible for the senseless deaths since the iraqi war began and thats over 3 thousand, by the time Bush is done Saddam may look like a boyscout, which brings me back to the death penalty....