Monday, January 22, 2007

Are Their Stupid People Smarter Than Our Stupid People?

First of all, let me apologize for my multi-week silence. I left for two weeks in Australia (a wonderful, wonderful place!) and got lazy on my vacay. And there just weren’t enough stupid people around to make fun of. So, I sort of saved ‘em all up for post-vacation blogging.

First of all, EVERYONE in Australia hates George W. And they think every single American is a full-bore idiot for allowing him to stay in office. At first I thought it amusing and, making like a Dixie Chick, would proclaim our own incredulity. Then one day, my beloved said, “You know, it’s starting to piss me off a bit. I feel like saying, ’as long as your prime minister is sucking our President’s dick, I don’t know that you have any room to judge.’” See, they have this jackass, just like we do. But they’ve kept THEIR jackass in office for TEN YEARS!! And they have mandatory voting. Every citizen of legal age has to vote or get fined. I find this very progressive. But I also find it makes it much more difficult to pass the culpability buck.

See, in America, we can just blame voter apathy when a jackass gets elected. We don’t have to actually own up to the fact that a majority of us JUST MIGHT have actually wanted what we got. After all, we did elect Mr. What Me Worry?

The Aussies can’t say the same thing. They actually have to live with the fact that the majority of them support a redneck hawk and American butt-boy. Kind of gave me the giggles.

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