Friday, May 30, 2008

So You Think?

Okay, maybe I should start a separate blog just for SYTYCD. It’s a goldmine of stupid human tricks.

The latest was the girl who was put through to the Vegas round, and ran out the room screaming, as they all do, “I’m going to Vegas! Vegas!” Then she used some made up sign language to spell out the word as she shouted each letter.

“V-E-A-G-S! Vegas!”

Hey, nobody said it was called So You Think You Can Spell.

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Betts4 said...

I can't remember their names, but there was an article about two guys that travelled the US fixing the spelling and such on signs. Things like 'Mens Clothing' and they would go in, talk to the owner and ask to be able to change it to 's. It was a great mission.