Friday, May 16, 2008

C’mon! They Were Just Fartin’ Around.

Talk about an ill wind. An office worker in Deal, Kent (UK) was awarded a $10,000 settlement after having a male supervisor repeatedly fart in her general direction. Apparently, she was the only woman in the office, and was constantly subjected to such “laddish behaviour.”

Having been a manager for a good chunk of my professional career (obviously before I became a blogger), and having attended endless hours of various types of sensitivity training, I find this type of action to be reprehensible. It’s amazing to me that ANYONE actually still thinks this is okay behavior in the workplace. Although I did work with a woman who wore so much cheap perfume it made my throat seize up. I would have liked to fart on her, if only to stanch her odiferousness.

As a blogger, I find it fuckin’ hilarious! My mind immediately goes to a setting not unlike “The Office” (British or American, your pick), where one person (probably a Michael-type) farts at the Pam-type as a joke, but no one gets it.

Ah, that uncomfortable British humor. Slays me.

The tribunal who heard the case called it sexual discrimination. I call it junior high. The manager was probably just trying to flirt. Apparently, other hilarious hijinks ensued. Like the time they threw a beach ball at her head when she objected to sexist banter. (Why was there a beach ball in the office?).

Or the time her supervisor made her wear a badge that said, “I’m Simple” when she couldn’t figure something out on her computer.

What? No exposing of the penis head while pulling their pants pockets inside out, then asking, “Want to kiss the bunny on the nose?”


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