Tuesday, May 1, 2007

But . . . That's Not Funny.

So, apparently, the state department will release the latest terror numbers next week. Surprise? Terror attacks are up 29%. The official number is in the neighborhood of 14,000 distinct terror attacks. Half of those occurred in Iraq. What?! You’re kidding? There were actual attacks in a war zone? The war zone where we are supposedly fighting terror?

Okay, Bush is the boy who cried wolf. We can all acknowledge that, right? I mean, how many people actually get their knickers in a bunch over reports like this? Who can tell me what the terror alert color of the day is? Exactly.

We are sooooo over this bullshit. And the scare tactics. And the bullies in the current administration.

I’d love to see how they’re counting. Is every suicide bomb, or insurgent attack considered “terrorism?” Where does terror stop and war begin?

And isn’t it nice to know that WE actually brought terror to the table in Iraq? Since we now know that there wasn’t any real legitimate Al Qaeda action going on there before the war. Now, though, they have their own brand: “Al Qaeda in Iraq.” I wonder which of Rove’s clones coined that one. Boo! (Seriously, y’all. How spooky is that Kyle Sampson guy from Justice? Doesn’t he look like Rove lite?)

Alas, it’s too little, too late. We’re there. We’re fucked. We've gotten used to it. And every day more soldiers die so that Exxon Mobil can report another record profit. I say, let the sons and daughters of all the oil company millionaires go directly to the front lines. That way, it’s a clean transaction. Maybe let Jenna and Barbara have their next margarita in Baghdad? The Brits are sending Harry. Where are our princesses?

Meanwhile, Condoleeza Rice is still towing the party line. Honey, give it up. No one is buying what you’re selling. Come to the light, CarolAnndeleeza. Your boss is an embarrassment to democracy.

You know I could never figure out how my parents could be so embarrassed by Bill Clinton’s blow job. But with Bushcephus at the helm, I now know how they felt.


Anonymous said...

Amen sista friend!!!!

Anonymous said...

isn't it comforting to know that the Republicans have made the world a safer place for us? SHA!

marthachick said...

"Where does terror stop and war begin?"

Exactly my question. And I think we're being terrorized more by our own leaders than any individual or loosely organized so-called terrorist group.

Blow jobs? Honey, when the Bushies came in, the entire country bent over.