Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where Ladies Who Like Ladies Go On Vacation

California living has been quite the adventure. Still exploring, and probably will be for years. Our little hamlet is very well situated for access to city, mountains, ocean, bay, wine, garlic and bad drivers.

A couple of weeks ago, the offspring came out for his birthday weekend. (OMG, y’all—only one more year left before the TEENAGES—crikey!) We decided to head up to the mountains for a bit of snow skiing.

On the way home, we were trailing a couple of lipstick lesbians in a cherry-red Mercedes convertible. Even thought it was the middle of winter, they had the top down. To be fair, it was a bit warm for winter and, you know, lesbians are tough like that.

Since it was just a little two lane road through the mountains, I was paying close attention to the activities of all the other drivers, especially the ladies, who were directly in front of me. As we approached an intersection, our ladyfriends made a sudden deviation in course, deciding to hang a quick left at this random intersection in the middle of nowhere.

As they turned, I saw a sign and it all became clear. Apparently, this is where one turns to go to Moaning Caverns.

I see.

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