Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Power to the Stupid People

Rick Perry won the Texas GOP Gubernatorial primary outright against a well-funded, pretty well-respected US Senator from Texas. No runoff. He'll now face Democrat Bill White in the November coronation, er, I mean general election.

Perry's win in November (trust me, any other outcome would be a miracle. The Dems didn't even field viable candidates in every statewide race.) makes him the longest serving governor in Texas history. And the only one other than Ann Richards to have gay rumors spread about him.

Perry is now being mentioned as a potential Republican nominee in 2012.

I will say the same thing I said when GW Bush was being given the same push. OH SHIT! At the time I didn't think we Americans were really daft enough to elect W. And then we did it twice.

Please God, smart people!! Let's derail this train before it gets out of the station. If you live in Texas, go get a Bill White bumper sticker, write a check and volunteer. Put a sign in your yard, host a party--DO WHATEVER YOU CAN. This isn't just about the future of my dear home state. Think about the bigger picture. After all, Karl Rove is back in Austin.


hokgardner said...

I am so disheartened by Texas politics right now. I can't even see the fun in it. Where are Molly and Ann when we need them most?

drax said...

Really! Do we need another Texas Republican in the White House after the last go round - you think we'd learn - and food for thought, will Chaney come along for the ride? Will they pump him full of formaldehyde and include him on the ticket?