Friday, December 26, 2008

Does the P in OPEC Stand For Pedophile?

So, a Saudi judge has upheld as legal the marriage of an EIGHT YEAR OLD girl, arranged by her father to settle his debts. The judge asked (ASKED?) that the “husband” not consummate the marriage until the girl had reached puberty.

Now, I know we are dealing with an archaic society and one deeply rooted in Islam. But where the fuck are the Christians and the moral outrage? You know, the ones who piss and moan about every little thing in the US that offends them? The ones who currently work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Where are the gay marriage opponents? Hey Mormons? Any comment from the cheap seats? Where are the folks who loooooove to trot out the word “pedophilia” as often as possible?

Speaking of which, does that word crop up in your conversations very often? Me neither. Yet somehow, the fundamentals seem to bring it up constantly. Maybe because they’re fighting off their own demons. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m sure there is plenty of moral outrage over this little girl’s “marriage.” But you’d have to get through the oil slick to find it.

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Matty D said...

How do you say "Ew" in Arabic?