Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hispanics = Tacos. Right?

So, I’m pouring my Corn Chex this morning and notice for the first time the “special promotion” on the box. Accompanying the lovely Dora the Explorer-esque illustrations of brown people in festive native garb (I shit you not, the men are wearing sarapes and sombreros) is the headline: “This Cinco de Mayo make TACO-SEASONED Chex Mix!”

And included inside is a packet of Old El Paso Taco seasoning. Maybe THAT’S why I’ve been craving a margarita for breakfast.

Seriously, though. You need to fire your Hispanic marketing people. Where were they born? Alaska?

In addition to being a ridiculously stereotypical, ignorant promotion, I don’t want to be thinking about tacos when I’m eating my cereal. I have 112 ROCKIN’ taco places within Mexican hat dancing distance of my casa. If I wanted a breakfast taco, I’d have a breakfast taco.

Gratuitous Torchy’s Shout Out!!

And the other thing? “Mayo” means “May” dumb-ass. Why are you running a “May 5th” promotion at the end of Summer. Perhaps you meant “Diez y Seis de Septiembre.”

Or why not just say, “Hey Mexicans! Check it out. It tastes like tacos.”

Maybe they could cross-promote with Tequiza. Or actually introduce themselves to a Hispanic person.

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Anonymous said...

Hola future ! same marketing ?? Hahahahahahaha