Friday, August 1, 2008

Radio Free Dipshit

Morning radio has never been of much interest to the post-adolescent. But given my arrested development, I have faithfully tuned in to one or the other, trying to keep my mind full of the latest pop culture markers.

With all the cool music on iTunes, and my newly activated Sirius subscription, I find that I don’t need morning radio anymore. Unless I’m in the OTHER car. The one WITHOUT the satellite hookup. Today, it was necessary that I drive that car. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a wonderful, lovely, luxury sedan, mind you. It’s not a chore to drive it. It’s just not my daily ride.

I had endured a bit too much of the morning show on the pure pop station. The “um, er, like” conservative sorority girl’s knee jerk Christian-Republicanism metastasized into a really bad rap, set to Ludacris’ “shake your moneymaker” as an ode to John McCain.

“Vote for John McCain, Like somebody bout to pay ya.” What? Thefuck. She goes on to give a name check to Reagan (can someone PLEASE explain why all Republicans think Reagan was the shit? I truly don’t get it.) and tries unsuccessfully to rhyme some more words to the throbbing beat.

This was apparently a response to Ludacris’ song “Obama is Here.” My first thought was “girl, please.” Then I realized that I secretly (or not so secretly) hope that ALL Republican response is that lame. Maybe then we can effect some change up in here.

Or maybe I just need to activate the satellite in that car.

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hokgardner said...

I think you need to activate the sirius subscription. I've become so spoiled with my iPod. Once NPR's Morning Edition is over, I switch to my iPod and catch up on the Fresh Air podcasts I have stored up. I'll never listen to real radio again!

Good to see you yesterday morning.