Monday, July 28, 2008

Hell in a Republican Handbasket

And the good news keeps rollin’ in! The White House announced that we have a RECORD budget deficit! $490 BILLION. And I thought my credit cards were out of whack. I always love the spin they put on these things. They are blaming the deficit on “a faltering economy and the bipartisan $170 billion stimulus package that passed earlier this year.”

Okay, let’s take a look at this, shall we. First of all, the economy is faltering because of your ridiculous economic policies. While you don’t call it “trickle down” anymore (mostly because it sounds far too much like the rich are pissing on the poor), that’s basically what you embrace. If the rich get richer, the their companies are better able to provide jobs for the poor. Makes sense. If you’re rich.

Two, I love the “bipartisan” angle on the stimulus package. You know what, I blew my $300 frivolously, and threw another few thousand on top of it. I got a long weekend in LA at a luxury hotel, some great food and 4 new pairs of shoes. But did I really help the economy? After all, I couldn’t even get into my first three choices of hotel, because they were already booked. And there were SEVERAL more pairs of shoes I had my eye on, but apparently Mrs. Marcos beat me to the punch, because they didn’t have them in my size. Hmmm. But I thought you need stimulating?

Lastly, I love how they conveniently neglect to mention one other thing that just might be driving this whole issue. THE FUCKING IRAQ WAR! When you’re sinking approximately a TRILLION bucks into a hole in the sand, sucking the American treasury dry, and the only people who are benefiting are the oil companies and defense contractors, don’t you think THAT might have a little something to do with our deficit.

And as much as I hate to beat a dead horse named W (drip, drip, drip, goes the sarcasm), I just have to ask, SERIOUSLY? We claim to be the “greatest nation on earth” and we managed to elect this bucket of shit TWICE?

If, please God no, the super smart American people should elect McCain this fall, I think it’s time to start talking about a divorce. Blue states can form a country and the red states can form a country. And we’ll wave at you as we drive past the bread lines.

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knittergran said...

I really do get a bit depressed when I hear poll results saying that McCain's numbers are going up, even when it's just by a little. I'm with you on the red state/blue state divorce plan...