Thursday, October 11, 2007

We Didn’t Elect HER!

Okay, I want each of my readers to take this blog to every person who has ever said about Hillary, “We didn’t elect HER president!” Usually with little sprays of spittle flying from their mouths.

Why the fuck was Laura Bush the author of an editorial in the Wall Street Journal yesterday? And on the Myanmar junta and the threat of U.S. sanctions, no less.

Ladies Home Journal, I could understand.

But was the Bush administration really using the First Lady as their voice on this issue?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have ill will towards Mrs. Bush. She seems like a perfectly nice chain smoking librarian to me. But Laura Bush has STEADFASTLY avoided the public eye and, according to my sources, been strongly reluctant to be drawn into any sort of issue management at the White House. So now she’s the spokesmodel on MYANMAR?

Maybe she was having coffee and a KOOL Lite at a friend’s house in Georgetown and happened to see the signs in front of the Myanmar consul’s house begging for US intervention. You know, she thought, I could write an editorial in the WSJ and really have an impact here.

Cuz I’m pretty fuckin’ sure the Myanmar junta keeps their WSJ subscription up to date.

Now we all know Laura is the smarter half of that couple. And truth be told, I would actually be much happier with her as President.

But seriously, WTF?

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hokgardner said...

I just pictured all the junta members saying, "Well if Mrs. Bush is only giving us days to comply, we'd better snap to!"