Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cashing Checks and Balances

Money can be a huge stressor on any relationship. But I think maybe it’s time for a divorce. Do you hear me Congress? That Bush is no good for you. He lies about how much he needs for his supposed hobby. Then he comes back to you with new amounts. “Hey, uh, do you think I could get another $46 Billion?” He's spending our money like it was his parents.

Seriously. Dump him.

President Bush is asking for an additional $46 BILLION on top of the $147 BILLION he already asked for to fund the war in 08. The Pentagon is spending $2 BILLION per WEEK on the war. If the new requests are approved, the overall cost of the war will top $650 Billion dollars. And we’re borrowing the money so Bush doesn’t have to raise taxes. Well guess what? We’re still going to have to pay that bill. But it will probably be some responsible Democrat who bites the bullet, effectively ending his or her political career because we Americans are convinced that their “high” taxes are supporting lazy, poor people. In fact, they're supporting wealthy Republicans and a bunch of Iraqis.

Sorry people, but that’s WAY more obscene to me than a blow job. I mean, to my way of thinking, Bush is giving it to ALL of us up the ass.

Meanwhile, an independent investigative panel has found that the State Department can’t account for most of the $1.2 Billion it has spent with DynCorp, who were contracted to provide training to Iraqi police.

That’s just perfect. Where’s the outrage? All the Republicans running for President are committed to continuing this type of policy, running around trying to out-conservative each other. And some of them are STILL trying to tag the DEMS with the old “tax and spend liberal” label.

Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t we tax everyone who is FOR the war. That way, since you believe in it so much, you can help foot the bill. Because I would MUCH rather my tax dollars stay right here at home and help AMERICANS.

I bet you would see HUGE anti-war sentiment if that happened. It's easy to be hawkish with someone else's money.

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