Friday, October 5, 2007

Moon Over Denial

So Senator Wide Stance (R-Minneapolis Airport) has decided to stay in the Senate and “clear (his) good name” before the Ethics Committee, eh? Republicans are fuming. Democrats are peeing all over the stalls in glee. Male Senate pages and interns are wearing extra pairs of underpants and going to the House side to use the bathroom.

This is what is called DEEP denial. In this case accompanied by DEEP shit. It’s sad to say, but I actually kind of understand what the Senator is doing. If he misplays even one card now, the whole house comes tumbling down. He’s committed to the lie. To the denial. He’s NOT gay, y’all. He swears.

Funny. Reminds me of the news today on Marion Jones. She so vehemently denied she was doping that she sued one of her accusers for something like $25 million. Today, “Oops. My bad. That needle I stuck in myself DID make me run faster, jump higher and party . . . all . . . night . . . long (all niiiiiiight! All niiiiight!)

Someday, Senator—and probably sooner than you can imagine—your tangled web will not be able to bear your weight. In the meantime, let me clue you into something. The vast majority of Americans absolutely believe you were trying to knock off a little porcelain nookie. So, basically, who are you lying to?

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