Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank You Sir! May I Have Another?

How Did I Miss This?

In 2006, a very high-profile professional dominatrix, Leona McConnell, claimed that she had "watched George W. Bush enthusiastically and expertly perform a homosexual act on another man, one Victor Ashe" in the mid-1980s? (Radar, the source of the story, refers to this as a “bro job”—a straight guy helping a buddy out. LOVE that.) Ashe was Bush's college roommate, apparently.

Okay, first of all—EWWWWWWWWWWW! That is NOT the image I want to have in my head for the rest of the day. Second of all, when has GW ever done anything “expertly?”

Seriously, though, I can’t even begin to imagine that George would have it in him (no pun intended). Now, it could be a situation like Robert Downey, Jr.’s character in Less than Zero, where the act was fueled by drugs and alcohol. Lord knows, I’ve certainly had some alcohol motivated regrets. And I’ve known a few cocky, Republican frat boy types who loved to take a walk on the wild side now and again. So I guess it IS conceivable.

But wait . . . what was a professional dominatrix doing in the room? Did we just bury the lead here? Whether the job was blow or bro, I want to know what else happened in that room.

Stop and think about it.

It’s obvious to the entire world that GW likes being told what to do. Maybe now we can see a pattern. What if Laura is a closet dom? THAT’S an image I could giggle over all day long. Demure, librarian First Lady by day—wicked lady with a whip by night. Or maybe Dick Cheney with a leather mask on as he walks into the Oval Office.

Don’t laugh. Republicans are waaaaaaay kinkier than the Dems ever think about being. The little vestibule where Clinton kept his cigars might be George’s playpen now.

Who knows what Hillary will find when she walks back into the White House.

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