Thursday, September 13, 2007

Attack, Part Deux

Josie, the lesbian from season two of Top Chef (not to be confused with the Pussycat) and her friends were followed out of a bar in Sea Cliff, NY and beaten by a group of young people who were shouting anti-gay slurs. Okay, this is disturbing on so many levels. First, the whole hate crime thing. Nobody deserves to be beaten simply for having a bad haircut and being mechanically inclined.

Second, NOTE TO YOUNG STRAIGHT PEOPLE--you would have to be a dumb motherfucker to pick a fight with a lesbian. That girl will KICK YOUR ASS. I’m sure if her straight sister hadn’t been with her, she would be wearing a new cap made of straight boy foreskin.

And now that I’ve gotten the cheap laughs out of the way, I want to ask a serious rhetorical question. Where’s the threat, people? What on earth does someone’s sexuality have to do with you, much less feel like a threat? Obviously, this isn’t the Psychology 101 blog, but damn.

And don’t you love that’s it’s always a group. Even fey Tucker Carlson, with his precious bow-tie and mop of hair, after thinking he was getting hit on in a public restroom, went and got a buddy to come back in and bang the guy’s head against a stall. Because these cowards are afraid that if they go solo, they might get their ass kicked. Or more likely, find themselves enjoying the close, physical same-sex contact.

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