Monday, September 17, 2007

Fresh Squeeze

Okay, how deliciously ironic would it be if OJ wound up in prison for his recent “reacquisition” of his sports merchandise. I was one of the millions of Americans consumed with his trial. I even read a couple of the post-mortem books, including the one by disgraced, “racist” copy Mark Fuhrman. I highly recommend the book. In it, Fuhrman argues that he is not a racist, and in fact was well-liked in the black community. He also says that he had never seen a murder case with more evidence pointing to guilt and that the D.A.’s office botched the prosecution horribly.

And now . . . just the stupidest fucking thing. Busting into someone’s hotel room to “get my stuff back.” ?!?!?!? Of course, if you’ve literally gotten away with murder, you probably think you’re pretty bullet proof.

Now, he may be facing a little hard time. Stay tuned. Should be fun to watch.

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hokgardner said...

I heard one report that he could get up to 30 years for this caper. How wonderful would it be if he went away for the rest of his life for something so freaking stupid. I'm sure the Brown and Goldman families are hoping and praying that he goes to jail for SOMETHING!