Thursday, September 27, 2007

How Come They Make Such Stupid Decisions?

So, I’m in our nation’s capital. I figured I might as well come to the front and check out the Office of Stupid Fuckers first hand. But first, I needed caffeine, so I parked my happy ass at a small, local coffee house (I think it was called “Starbucks” or something like that) and tried to look like I wasn’t from Texas.

The first thing I noticed is that there sure are a lot of smart people here. Seriously, there are more think tanks than Starbucks. Just in the couple of blocks near our hotel, there’s enough brain power to fuel a MENSA outlet mall.

So how is it that the people in power here make such stupid fucking decisions? Then sound so fucking stupid talking about them? Maybe they’re not active listeners.

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Anonymous said...

Since we are on the topic of stupid fucking politico's may I ask why is Bush so freaking out about myanmar (which I might add is notorious for crimes against humanity) when we are actually doing a survivor china AND the Olympics are being held there...seriously WHAT THE FUCK!!!!