Monday, July 16, 2007

When Liberals Start to Sound Conservative

So the Republicans swept into office 7 years ago on a promise of “compassionate conservatism” (whatever the fuck that means) and their usual rhetoric about fiscal responsibility. I have yet to see ANY compassion and as for their fiscal talents, let me just say that I wouldn’t hire any of ‘em to manage my business.


That's Five Hundred BILLION dollars. Half a TRILLION!!! That mind-boggling, almost incomprehensible amount is how much the U.S. has spent on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And last week it was announced that Al Qaeda is nearly back to the strength it was pre 9/11. Nice job, George. Your cowboy mentality has turned out to be less John Wayne and more Don Knotts (If you haven’t ever seen Shakiest Gun in the West, run, don’t walk. And it’s made even funnier if you picture GW in the role).

I can’t even begin to imagine what else we could have done with that amount of money. Eradicate homelessness was mentioned several billion ago. I’m imagining we could have upgraded our educational system tremendously. Put a dent in poverty. Rebuild New Orleans. Invest in renewable energy sources. Solve the colonia problems that exist on our own borders. Fix our highways. Get rid of gang violence. And probably still had enough left over to buy Britney some panties.

I mean, honestly, how many Americans would have supported this effort if we had known the price tag that came with it. And how many Americans are stupid enough to not realize that this is WHAT THEY ARE PAYING TAXES FOR!!!! Nearly one third of the American budget is going to this war. And I don’t care how you slice it. There is no sound fiscal policy anywhere near this.

I’m pretty confident that the more we learn about the Bush administration, the more we will realize it is the most inept and corrupt in history. It will take us decades to regain the respect of the world community. And I hope that whomever is elected our next President—and there are some excellent choices out there—will make that a priority.

By the way, isn’t summer when the impeaches are in season?


Anonymous said...

Right On!
He is the worst president we've ever had. I recently read a blog that listed good things about Canada in honor of Canada Day. They get so much right. It must be nice to be from a country a citizen can be proud of instead of from someplace that alternately embarrasses me and horrifies me-and sometimes both at the same time.

Anonymous said...

The honey bee's are disappearing,so they say 5 years left of civilization. The mayan calendar ends 2012,in 5 years. At the rate the insane Bush is going we'll be begging for the end sooner.