Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Were They Storing It In Laura's Bedroom?

As if the Republicans hadn’t fucked things up enough. Apparently, they have now spent $12.5 million dollars on storage of excess ice originally intended for Katrina relief. Yep, FEMA was so well run that they sent too much ice to New Orleans (apparently they were calculating usage based on the amount of cocktails consumed during Mardi Gras). So, instead of getting rid of it, they decided to truck it all over Hell’s Half Acre and keep it in cold storage. For two years. At the aforementioned cost of TWELVE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

Wow. I wonder what all they could have rebuilt in NOLA for that kind of scratch. I’m betting a WHOLE FUCKING LOT!!!!! Hell, even if you had just provided ice to all the restaurants and bars while they were trying to get back on their feet, it would have been better than spending all that money on storage. (I wonder if the cold storage company is owned by one of Bush’s “Pioneer” contributors? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.)

You know, when Bush was first running for Governor of Texas, one of the things that came out in the campaign was that he had basically run every business he’d had into the ground. And sure enough, it looks like he’s about to manage that feat again. Only now, he’s running the country!

Meanwhile, New Orleans lies crippled on the banks of the Mississippi, it’s denizens scattered to the winds. Yeah, you can still get a Hurricane at Pat O’s, if that’s your thing. But there’s a scar on the very soul of a very soulful town.

$12.5 million. To store ice. It’s beyond stupid. It’s cruel.


Anonymous said...

Im wondering what happened to all the creole voodoo people. The black magic minion, the angel heart group of people that will rise up from the polluted mud that is new orleans and get retribution on Bush, Im waiting,or are they also like the honey bee's and the mayan calendar, will we all be swallowed in the mud and have to answer to an angry world.

hokgardner said...

I think they're hiding horse tranquilizers in Laura's room these days. Have you noticed she looks a little glassy-eyed?