Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Putting the “Suck” in “Dress for Success”

So the headline reads “Business Casual Causes Confusion.” The article talks about how the younger generation is wearing flip flops and Capri pants to work, thinking that’s appropriate business casual attire. Now, as a blogger, my definition of “business casual” means boxers and a tee shirt. But I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t fly in corporate America. I’m clear on that.

Not so much for 24-year old Jennifer Cohen. Apparently, her grasp of her company’s dress policy wasn’t as firm as she thought. So she was, according to the article, “stunned when an older colleague pulled her aside to tell her she was dressing inappropriately.” Her idea of business casual? Bermuda shorts, sleeveless tops and flip flops.

"Each generation seems to have a different idea of what is acceptable in the workplace, and in this situation I was highly offended," says Cohen.

WTF? You were offended? Honey, here’s a helpful hint: if you would have looked great at a clambake, you’re probably not dressed up enough for the client presentation.

"I was actually not allowed to attend a meeting because my attire was deemed 'inappropriate.’”

OMG! You were “actually not allowed to attend a meeting?” Sha! WTF ever! And they were probably going to vote on which boys to invite to the mixer!! You should SO hate them. Forever.

Miss Brainiac continues, “People my age are taught to express themselves, and saying something negative about someone's fashion is saying something negative about them."

Okay, first off, people your age don’t seem to be taught much of anything, much less to “express themselves.” Secondly, I have the strange feeling that people don’t need your fashion choices to find negative things to say about you. And finally, I’m also sensing that you have said an evil thing or two about what someone else was wearing!

Perhaps the most telling info in the article came from an April survey conducted by They asked 18,000 employees what the worst offenses were when it comes to business casual.

55% said tank tops and exposed undergarments were most the most egregious offenses. 30% chose flip-flops. And in what can only be described as an attack of the stupid people, only 8% were “put off by Hawaiian-print shirts.”

Ewww. Now THAT’S offensive.


hokgardner said...

Leonard Pitts had a column one time about people's attire in church, especially kids in shorts and t-shirts being escorted by well dressed parents. The parents said they'd rather have their kids in church than fight with them over clothes. Pitts' question was if you can't get your child to dress respectfully for church, of all things, how are you going to get him to dress respectfully for anything else. I'd have to agree with him there. I've been in NICE restaurants and seen men dining with baseball caps on. I wanted to walk through and flick every hat off. And I was at a baseball game on Sunday and was appalled at the number of men who kept their hats on for the National Anthem. They'd all probably call themselves "Ahmercuns" too.

Goodness, I'm on a tear this morning, aren't I?

O'Pine said...

I guarantee you that each and every one of those men who unremembered to remove their hats for the anthem were 100% Ahmercun. The irony is too much for me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that could be the 11th question for the Dalai Lama, what is business casual?? I don't think he's losing sleep.