Friday, March 13, 2009

New Vocabulary Words

I like words. (Obviously). But I especially like new words. Not bullshit words like WYSIWYG or QWERTY, but words that actually mean something. Words that are abundantly clear the first time you see or hear them. So, I present to you the TWO new AOTSP vocabulary words.

Hatefuck. No, this is not what you do with your ex. It's like a clusterfuck, only with bad intentions. Courtesy of Jon Stewart. I'll be sprinkling it liberally in future posts.

Groupidity. Brilliant. Needs no explanation. Pompous and Pious Christians and Republicans are especially adept at this. And Alabamans.

What are your favorite vocabulary words in the AOTSP lexicon?


kat007 said...

Vangelism: getting belted upside the the head by a judgmental, and offensive Christian because you don’t think exactly like they do.

Found on a website (missio dei) dedicated to a different kind of religious conversation.

Anonymous said...

kat007 - my new favorite word is now "vangelism". I almost spit out my coffee laughing so hard over it.

your bro-in-law (sgs)