Friday, April 27, 2007

Cutting Off Our Dean to Save Our Face

So the Dean of Admissions at MIT was forced to resign because she had lied on her resume. Turns out, she wasn’t a college graduate, as she had claimed when she applied to, and came to work at MIT . . . are you ready for this . . .28 YEARS AGO!!! Can you say tardy?

Apparently, there’s no statute of limitations on lies. But this seems an awful lot like my dad wanting to take away my driving privileges for something I did in high school.

Marilee Jones joined the staff of MIT in 1979. Since then, she has pretty much been a model employee. According to CNN, “Jones was named dean of admissions at MIT in 1997 and received MIT's highest award for administrators, the "MIT Excellence Award for Leading Change." She was also the 2006 winner of the "Gordon Y Billard Award" given "for special service of outstanding merit" performed for the school.”

And . . . now she’s gone. Because she didn’t have a college education. Which apparently hampered her not in the least in her career. Maybe they’re afraid that seeing a person succeed without a college education will set a bad precedent at a school notorious for its intellectual elitism.

Now don’t get me wrong—I’m all for college. I think it is a critical time of development, a first blush of independence . . . an opportunity to learn how to hold your liquor.

Plus, I’ve always thought those MIT geeks were too smart for their own good. I mean, you can’t get a decent drink anywhere near campus, since all the bartenders are students and feel compelled to explain the chemistry of the cocktail. I’m more of the “I drink. I get drunk. I fall down.” kind of drinker. No need for the backstory of vodka distillation or the plight of migrant agave pickers.

But seriously, people. Shouldn’t Ms. Jones’ professional accomplishments, loyalty and contributions to the school have mitigated her lack of education? Couldn’t there have been some other sort of punishment? Maybe they just should have taken a page out of fraternity play books and soaked her underwear in menthol and zapped her with a cattle prod.

I mean, look where it got me.


Anonymous said...

you & Lena Guerrero (how's that for a voice from the past?)xo Julsie

Anonymous said...

Experience oughta count for something, look at you....

Anonymous said...

Ahh, but they hired her under a set of false information... Had they known then, what they know now, what would the outcome have been?