Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What Are You Looking At?

A funny thing happened on the way to Salvation. If you read the comments left after yesterday’s (APRIL 1st) post, you’ll notice some redaction. After I revealed my newfound dedication to El Ron, I received two comments from different people, but they were EXACTLY the same comment, and were obviously spam of some sort. There was even a link to click through. So I deleted them.

Yeah, yeah, I’m eaten up with power.

But another thought occurred to me. The only two times I have written about controversial religious sects (who shall remain nameless, but one follows J. Hova and the other El Ron) I have received odd comments. And it’s kind of creeping me out.

On the J. Hova one, I had a very polite and thorough rebuttal from a member of that sect. Followed quickly by a rebuttal to the rebuttal from another reader. At the time, it made me wonder if there aren’t members of these organizations that actually are tasked with googling all day long for mentions, then offering up commentary.

The two blatant spam comments yesterday now have me freaking out about spyware and such. Maybe the anonymous campaign is on to something.

Or maybe I’ve just managed to spook myself inadvertently.


thirdcoast2leftcoast said...

and the joke goes something like this... John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Leah Remini walk into a software development firm...

thirdcoast2leftcoast said...

ok now how's this for creepy coincidence from the LA Easter Blog

hokgardner said...

They're watching you!