Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Evil on a Tuesday

Last night, I was talking to one of my favorite peeps, the lovely Miss Baker. We were discussing the state of the union and how nervous we are about today’s election. While we feel cautiously optimistic about Senator Obama’s chances, we also remember quite vividly that Al Gore had the same lead in the polls going into HIS election day. And look what happened there.

During the conversation, I remarked at how sad it was that Obama’s grandmother had died just one day before the election, and how nice it would have been for her to see her grandchild elected President. Then, being the snarky bitch I am, I said, “You know, I bet his grandmother actually died two weeks ago.” Miss B, who has known me plenty long enough to know I was kidding, gave me an encouraging laugh. I continued, “ I mean, that was probably her funeral he went to and now they’re trotting it out the day before, for sympathy votes.”

Miss B reminded me for the umpteenth time just how wrong I am (in the head). I retorted that Karl Rove would have done it on the Republican side, and we agreed that it was a Rove-type thang. Getting more serious, I said, “You know, there is probably some fucking right wing site out there that will actually accuse Obama of doing this.” I didn’t really believe it. Too callous, even for the wingnuts.

So, what do I find this morning during my daily internet surf? Free Republic actually theorizing this very thing. And their comment section? RIPPING them to shreds. Calling them un-Christian and saying they’ve gone too far. And these are the right wingnuts, people!!

And that’s when I knew that we were going to win today.


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janet said...

Obamanos! Love it! I'm going to use that.