Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To Honk or Not to Honk . . .

I was watching this amazing show we have on PBS here in Austin, called “Downtown.” They did a piece on Poetry Slam, and it inspired me to write my own free verse. Remember to read it with vigor. That’s what makes is “SLAM!”

It’s called a turn signal.
A truly basic concept

To signal (to me)
A turn (by you)
. . . in the very near future.
Maybe even now.

Not at some undetermined spot down the road
Where something shiny catches your eye
And causes you to veer from your preordained course.

Nor should you just, on a whim
Veer suddenly from the course
You led me to believe you were taking.
Maybe due to a complete lack of ANY INDICATION OTHERWISE.

Maybe it’s an undereducation issue
Maybe you’re just plain dumb.
Maybe you think you’re a rebel
And the rules don’t apply to you.

Maybe you should have to drive behind yourself for a block or two.

That might cure you.
Or it might just piss you off.