Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Slurs of a Clown

Okay, did anybody else see the video of Anna Nicole, fucked up while she was pregnant? She’s playing “mommy” with a little friend (Niece? Midget? Who can say?). The little girl is painting Anna’s face like a clown, then Anna is pushing a stroller around, mumbling incoherently, while her lover/incubus Howard Stern films the whole train wreck. And by the way, who would have thought that someone could FURTHER TARNISH the name Howard Stern!!?!? Love that.

Anyhoo, the jackass with the camera (STERN, showing his true colors) says, “So, is this a mushroom trip?”

Okay, I know I don’t have kids, but I’m pretty sure that this one line disproves Stern’s paternity of little Dannielynn Nicole Smith Stern Birkhead Old Dead Millionaire Almost Dead Prince Burton Todd Fortensky. If it were MY child in the figurative (NOT proverbial) oven, I think I’d be just a hair PISSED that the mother of my child was on drugs. Not standing around videotaping her trip.

Anna, true to form, slurs, “Whaaaaa?”

Stern then says, “This footage is worth money.”

ANNA: “Wah foodige?”

STERN: “This footage I’m shooting now.”

ANNA: “Thash nah foodige. Thasha cam-ra!”

That Anna. Can’t get anything past her!

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Anonymous said...

Im sort of surprised that you
like everyone else has become obsessed with her. Like fuel for some satanic pyre. C'mon now, lets all get over it!