Monday, January 4, 2010

Silicon Valley of the Dolls

So my first day as a Silicon Valley housewife is off to a good start. Put the offspring on his first ever solo flight (back to Austin). Cried. Dropped my Beloved off at the office. Didn't cry, but welled up a little. Now I'm back at the casa getting ready to clean up from the weekend and prepare for our first house guest in the new quarters. (Yay, Gardog!).

Looks like all I'm missing is a box of cheap chablis and a variety of prescription pills. Although i think I'm far more like Edina Monsoon than Neely O'Hara.

I'm chanting as we speak.

But I do like to sparkle now and again.


hokgardner said...

it's lah-kwah darling, lah-kwah!

Anonymous said...

''Time is like a stretched elastic band. You can't let it go or it'll come back and take your eye out.''