Monday, April 6, 2009

Begging for Mercy

Okay, don’t really care whether Madonna gets to add to her brood or not. But can you imagine when little Mercy James grows up in Malawi, discovers a pop star called Madonna, and is informed that she could have been the woman’s fourth child? I’m guesing that she will pull some diva shit that will PROVE she should have been adopted by the Material Girl.

Now, just in case Madge is reading, there is a bitchy gay blogger who would be happy to ride around in your G5. I would even call Guy Ritchie "Daddy" if it helped the other kids with consistency. AND, I would even pluck Lola's eyebrow. Really. I would be happy to. Every little girl should know the joy of two eyebrows.

So, jet your ass into Austin. As they say, it's "like a whole nother country."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh hell are we volunteering to call Guy Daddy?? Only if I can scream it while Im butt ass naked on top of him and he's in me and we're getting ready to comeeeeee!!!
I love Guy Ritchie, can I have a cigarette please.....